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Tri-FAQ is a next-gen interactive training, expert Q&A, and content-sharing platform for multi-sport athletes and coaches.

Mark Allen

Tri-FAQ Co-Founder and Chief Coaching Officer, Mark Allen, is a 6-time Ironman Hawaii champion with over 25 years of triathlon coaching experience. As an active coach, Mark provides hands-on, practical guidance for Tri-FAQ's platform and business model development. Tri-FAQ is tightly integrated with the Mark Allen Coaching application, providing interactive Q&A and a means for direct access to Mark's library of engaging video training content.

Expert Answers

Tri-FAQ's powerful heuristic search engine provides highly contextual text and video-based answers to frequently asked triathlon training questions. Connect directly with subject matter experts, get "best practice" tips from other triathletes, and share helpful answers via your social media sites… all from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone!

How-To Videos

Tri-FAQ leverages the power of interactive video to deliver compelling visual and audio training from triathlon experts all over the world. Record a video question from your iPhone, post it for coaches and other triathletes to review, and then get answers delivered right back to you over email. As a coach, Tri-FAQ empowers you to curate, publish, market, and monetize your "how-to" videos from a single integrated platform!

Content Monetization

As a triathlon training expert, Tri-FAQ enables you to cost-effectively curate, publish, market, and monetize your programs and video content. Charge for access on a subscription or single-purchase basis via our integrated payments platform, then track views and download statistics via Google Analytics and/or social media sites.

Tri-FAQ for Coaches



Tri-FAQ is a next generation triathlon training platform which empowers you as a coach to create, publish, market, and more effectively monetize your triathlon training programs. No more overly rigid training applications, Excel spreadsheets, redundant emails, or social media mash-up. Tri-FAQ provides triathlon coaches an integrated, cost-effective tool including:

  • Q&A engine with email integration
  • Curate and publish "how-to" videos
  • Private groups for athletes
  • E-learning tools (quizzes, series)
  • Publish content for SEO/social media
  • Built-in e-commerce platform
  • Race/event registration system (optional)
  • Email marketing platform (optional)
  • White-label coaching software (optional)

Tri-FAQ for Athletes



Tri-FAQ is an innovative online platform that helps multi-sport athletes locate and connect with highly qualified coaches around the world. Whether you're a rookie triathlete or a veteran looking to get better, Tri-FAQ will enable you to train smarter, faster, and better. No more scrolling through forums, emailing your local tri-club, or searching YouTube for how-to videos… get it all in Tri-FAQ!

  • Get answers to tough questions
  • Watch interactive "how to" videos
  • Share "tips-of-the-trade" with peers
  • Connect with local coaches/teams
  • E-learning tools (quizzes, series)
  • Race reviews and pic's
  • Monthly competitions and prizes

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